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Lighted Flag Kits!



  • LED Lighted Flag Kit - Planer Board part#60212

  • LED Lighted Flag Kit - Church Tackle’s Double Action Flag System part#60211

  • The light allows you as well as other boaters to spot your planer board from several hundred feet away!  Lighted Flag Kits or Lighted Double Action Flag Kits are available for The Walleye and TX-22  planer boards. A lighted flag can be attached to the Walleye Board, TX-22 Special Planer or to the Double Action Flag System (Double Action Lighted Flag does not contain the system... this is just a lighted flag that can be added to the system).  Each Lighted Flag Kit comes with 2 flags, one for port and one for starboard.  A simple twist of the light clockwise turns the light on and a twist counterclockwise turns the light off.  Batteries are easily replaced by twisting the cap off and back on again, no tools required.

  • 2 extra sets - CR927 batteries and instructions are included

  • Replacement parts are available.(Batteries and Lights)

  • Boards not included... used for demonstration purposes only



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